ofc you’re the prince after all

Los Campesinos! - As Lucerne/The Low
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As Lucerne / The Low || Los Campesinos

Perpetually a philistine, but darling I am longing to learn
Been looked at like the rotten grape on the vine
While you and yours are drinking Sauternes


I figured I might as well… finish this horrifying trifecta…

oh god… welp.

Time to go turn in my Homestuck Liscence card.

Are you not usually possessive?

HA no i’m possessive as shit it’s just not good to be possessive in certain situations


hmu if u wanna date a piece of shit

Stingy with praise?

my ability to compliment is like out the window right now which

is not like me at all except when i am really turned on

i’m feeling really possessive and REALLY stingy with praise right now like to the point that it’s probably not a good thing i might go soon

Well that's because he is, ya know, hot *blush blush blush blush* ~M

aw, you’re super cute!

I just wanted to tell you that I am so seriously in love with your fanfic. Like undying-devotion in-love. To the point of 'I want to be you when I grow up'. Please keep writing forever. Please.

thank you, sweetheart!! <3

kinkbot replied to your post: “I VOTE ELLIOT ~M”:
im a shitty secretary but ill wear a short skirt and lace underwear while i bend over a desk and pretend to take notes

it’s cool i figure with an entire congregation of doms if your secretarial skills get too shoddy we can whip up some kind of punishment